Monday, May 9, 2016

Crochet Hooks

        Let's talk about crochet hooks. It's one of the most important thing you should know about crochet aside from the stitches. Before starting a project you must know -
            a) Size of the hook that is needed - sometimes the one (hook size) written in the yarn label is not the one that you need for your project. So it is better to know the hook sizes. Most hook sizes are in alphabet with corresponding numbers so I call it ALPHANUMERIC. haha. But yes, most of the sizes I used have corresponding number and letters. With My favorite SUSAN BATES hooks these are the sizes from the smallest to the biggest one. 

Sizes              F - 5 ;     G - 6;      H - 8;      I - 9;      J - 10      K - 12
           mm      3.75        4.5          5.00        5.5         6.00         6.5

My favorite hook number is 5.00 or H- 8 and then the 4.5 or G-6.  It is very important to know the size of your hook. Because if you are making your project out from someone else pattern, it will affect the size of your project if you just use any hook and not the hook that is required in the pattern. Especially if you are making something that is to be worn, like a hat and a shrug. Hook sizes is very important for you gauge so that you can enjoy the project that you are making.

           b) Hook design  - Yes hooks have different designs. And believe me or not it is important and it does affect your work also. Because different people have different taste and can work with each design differently. The Inline  or the Tapered.  Example of inline is the Susan Bates hooks and with the Tapered hooks are the Boye hooks. Here is a picture of how they look form Fiber Flux
I used to think that I am fine with the tapered hook. But then I discovered the inline and almost all of my problems in the way I crochet are gone. But then as I discover more yarns, I realized also that sometimes a certain hook will work fine with this particular yarn and not on any other yarn. But then in the end my favorite still is the inline hook. So know which one you can work well. Susan Bates and Boye are not that expensive. You can purchase all of them and experiment on which one you prefer the most. I actually have all of them.

So that's it. Hope this post can help you as you do your craft.

Thank you and God bless


Nanay Madel

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