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African Daisy Crochet Handbag

As promised, here is my tutorial for African Daisy Crochet Handbag. Sorry if it took me another week to post this tutorial. I am more busy in doing crochet than making blog post about what I am making. But here is it now. If you haven't seen my post on how to make African Daisy Crochet you should check it out first before proceeding to make the bag, because I will not talk about how to make the African Daisies here. This post is more on how to assemble the daisies and to turn it into a handbag. But, if you already knew how to make them then let's get started.

  • Red Heart Creme de la creme in 5 colors
  • H hook or 5mm
  • Wooden Handle 
  • Tapestry needle
  • some cloth for lining
  • zipper
1. Make 18 African Daisies and arrange them together like the one in the picture below.
Step 2. With your green yarn join the hexagons with a single crochet. Join it vertically. Follow the blue arrows.
Step 3. Join it this time horizontally. Since the daisies are hexagons, you'll have to join them individually, not a continuous joining. Follow the red arrows in the picture below

 Step 4. Then fold your joined hexagons with number 10 an 12 on the bottom. After you fold them the hexagons will be aligned with each other and you will know by just looking at it where to join next to finish off all the joining. Same principle, join first vertically then horizontally. Because with it you can join the hexagons continuously on vertical rather than starting horizontal then there will be no continuous joining.  Then weave all ends after all the joining.

Step 5.  We will now going to attached the wooden handle on our bag. Grab your Red and Jade yarn and let's make something that will hold the yarn.

  • R1. Find the inside corner of hexagon number 3 or 18. You can start on any of the two. The one encircled in red. In that corner you can find the DC, chain 1 DC stitches. Now grab your H hook then start a Front Post Double Crochet Decrease on the first 2 stitches from the chain 1 stitch. Then FPDC on the next 6 stitches. When you reach again the corner, make a FPDCDecrease on the next 3 stitches, being the first leg of the decrease on the first hexagon (3), then the second leg on the JOINING and the third leg on the next hexagon (2). Then FPDC on the next 8 stitches. Then FPDCDecrease on the next 3stitches, do the same that you did on the last corner that you encountered. The FDC on the next 6 stitches and FPDCDecrese on the last 2 stitches of hexagon  1. Chain 1 then turn,
  • R2. SC all the way, when you reach the the FPDCDecrease stitches make also a SC decrease on 2 stitches, then sc all the way. Chain 1 and turn.
  • R3. SC all the way with no decreases. Chain 1, turn.
  • R4-R8 - repeat R3.
  • R9 - SC on 6 stitches, 3 SC on the next stitch, SC on the next 6 stitches,  3 SC on the next stitch, SC on the next 6 stitches. Chain 1, turn.
  • R10. SC on each stitches all the way. Chain 1, turn.
  • R11.  SC on the next 7 stitches, 2 SC on the next stitch, SC on the next 7 stitches, 2 SC on the next stitch, SC on the next 7 stitches. Chain 1, Turn.
  • R12-R13 SC all the way. Leave a long tail for sewing on. 
  • Do all of this on the other side of the bag.

Step 6. Get your wooden handles then attached them to your bag using what we just created to wrap the handles then sew it on  the wrong side or the inside of the bag, using the long tail. Then weave all ends.

Step 7. Line your bag and attached a zipper.

And that's it. Your bag is done. You can block your bag if you want. Block it first before joining all the hexagons.
So that's it. I hope you all enjoy this post and learn something. If you have any questions or suggestion just comment below and I am glad to answer all of them.


Nanay Madel

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