About Me

Hi ! My Name is Imadylle! I am a mother and a crochet enthusiast. My nickname is "madel" and my kids call me Nanay, hence the blog name Si Nanay Madel - it means Mother Madel.  And yes I am a mother first before anything else.

I live in the Negros Oriental, an island in the Philippines located at the Central Visayas.  It's a beautiful place. I live near the beach and my kids are always at the beach swimming. I have two boys, the eldest is in first grade and the youngest is still 3 years old.

I started this blog a year ago, with the purpose to share to everyone everything I know about crochet. I've learned crochet since I was 10 years old. But haven't fully given much attention to it since I don't have all the resources and materials back then. Now that I have my own job and with the help of the internet, I am now on full mode crochet.

I love to make my own design. I draw inspiration from everyone and everything around me, especially with my fave designers also. If you go and browse thru my blog, you will see that I credited some designers of my work. Although I learned crochet since I was 10, I still don't have a full knowledge of what I can create with crochet. And because of some very generous designers who share their work and talent for free, I learned more and now here I am making my own designs and sharing it also with everyone. I am not a professional designer, I am just an ordinary crocheter who loves to share my work with everyone. So if you have some suggestion on how to improve my patterns, I would be happy to accept them, may it be suggestions or corrections or just a comment.

I consider myself so blessed with a very loving and understanding husband. I could never find anyone as understanding as him. So blessed with two lovely boys and with family surrounding us and supporting us. God is so wonderful and so gracious with me. I praise Him daily for all that He has done for me!


Nanay Madel