Sunday, November 9, 2014

Repeat Crafter Me

I learned how to crochet since I was in grade school. My aunt thought me how to do it. And ever since then I've been crocheting but most of the time I don't have much inspiration that I can hardly finished one project. That picture above has been my inspiration right now. I am so glad I stumbled upon her blog, because I learn so much from her. All of her crochet patterns are for free and it is so easy to understand. You can never go wrong if you follow her patterns. Her blog is Repeat Crafter Me. Go ahead and click on that link and I can assure you, you will surely gonna learn a lot and have fun. She is a mother of three, and it is not only crocheting that you can find in her blog. There are lots and lots of other crafts. Why I really love this blog, it's because of her really easy to understand patterns. Below are some of the patterns I've made.
Shark Hat-worn by Bari
Cow Hat  - worn by Benjamin

They love these... These are on of the first that I made.. I'm so happy to have found her blog because it also give you patterns in many sizes, maybe because she is a mother of three and she knows that not only little babies love to wear this kind of hats but also even adults like me.

Mini Mouse Hat - worn by Jaisha.

I am not done with this one yet. It needs some white buttons, but it already look adorable on Jaisha.
And this one - watermelon hat worn by Jaisha again. She mostly models my creations :) . I've made some for my sons also but I am not done yet. As I have said I can hardly finish a project. So what I do now, I am starting a lot of different projects and I bounce from one to another when I am bored with what I am doing.

She not only make patterns of her own she also has a lot of links from other blog that has free patterns. I really appreciate this mother, and I wish to do what she does.  But it is so difficult when I am working full time and my only time at home is to care for my kids. So I squeezed in some craft here and there if I have a little time.

I plan to sell some of my hats, or accept orders from my friends. I will try first to make all my samples for references of what I can do.  So if you don't want to crochet just contact me and I will make one for you at a very reasonable prize. But if you love to do one go ahead and click  here for that awesome blog of her.

*I am not professional blogger nor is English my language so I apologize if I misspelled some words or my grammar is not right.* 

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