Sunday, June 28, 2015

African Flower Crochet

This picture has been on my pineterest for quite some time, I love the colors, I love the flowers. And when I searched for it, it is quite familiar to everyone, but I haven't found the right pattern to follow. This particular picture is from Bauta Witch and I think it is on Dutch, I really don't understand the language at all. I keep looking and lucky I found someone who I think has the same pattern and also in English. I found this on Heidi Bears. It has a picture tutorial also which helps a lot. Below is my own version I use Red heart Soft in Lilac,Off  white, Sea Foam, Pink and Light Grey Heather.  Lucky for me I found a sale on Red Heart Soft atGantsilyo Guru. But it will end tomorrow. So hurry and order now. But you can actually use any warn you want and any colors. I will make this flowers into a pillow case. And I will post again on how I join the flowers and made the pillow. Heidi Bears also has a great tutorial on how to join the hexagons but I will post what I did after I am done.  Below is what I made so far
Hope you'll enjoy making this pattern. I find it easy and quick to make. Which is what I really needed since I am always in a hurry. 
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**Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish all photos from this blog as your own. You may make and sell products from my pattern. Please also link back to my post. Any link back will much, much appreciated.Thank you very much. **

I always make sure to share also because I learn crochet for free and I got all of my patterns form all over the internet from some very generous bloggers. So please also click the links and support the bloggers.


*I am not professional blogger nor is English my language so I apologize if I misspelled some words or my grammar is not right.*

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