Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hello World!!

Wow it's been a long time!! Really long time. I did not know what happened but when the summer came here in the Philippines, I also when on summer vacation with this blog. I thought when summer comes I would be blogging everyday. But I was wrong, I was so busy, WE were so busy... the whole family. 

But I've done so many projects already. Below are some of them and their links to the pattern.
1.The Valentine Hat by

2. The Unforgettable Hat by Crochet Supernova

3.The Loopy Love Hat by Moogly  
 I use Caron Paints with this one in sunset.

4. Olivia's Butterfly 
I actually found this one on Moogly's. It's really cute and hippie.

4. Minions! of Repeatcrafterme
My kids love this so much! They want me to make an amigurumi minions also.

5. Pompom Cloche Hat of Hopeful Honey
I made this for someone. She will know when she got hold of this.

Those are some of my projects that I've finished during the summer (Philippines).  I got so many things on my TO DO List and I need to sort them out so that I can actually finish them all.

So for now, that's all. Wish I could really really get this blog going.

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**Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish all photos from this blog as your own.  Please also link back to my post. Any link back will be much, much appreciated.Thank you very much.  **

*I am not professional blogger nor is English my language so I apologize if I misspelled some words or my grammar is not right.*

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