Sunday, July 26, 2015

DIY Clay Crochet Hooks Handle

I did it! Yay! At last I did it. I've been contemplating for so long on how to make this clay handles on my crochet hooks. My only problem is where to get polymer clays?! I've seen online, but hesitated to order because it's expensive and I was just thinking of ordering maybe one or two and I think I would pay more on freight than on the clay itself. So I've been running to and fro downtown to look for polymer clays. Then suddenly National Bookstore just displayed a bake-able clay, it's not polymer but it's bake-able so I give it a try. But I don't have much choice with the color, but still I go for it.

And here it is, above is my first attempt to make it. I use my hand on these ones, no special knife, no special mat whatsoever, I only use my bare hand and you can see my fingerprints in there, and I like it like that, because it really has my "markings".  The colors are not so my fave but I really don't care right now. I am just so happy I made it. And it is so comfortable, my hands don't hurt and holding the hook is much easier.

My favorite hooks are Susan Bates hooks, I found online some hooks that looks comfortable for their handles are already big and it has some good reviews already but I hesitated ordering because the hook is not "inlet" like the Susan Bates. I am not sure if I can crochet with it so I am dying for so long to make this clay handles. Now that it is done, I am so happy and content with what it looks like, even if it is not that "professionally done" looking.

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