Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Granny Square Pillow Case

I've been crocheting granny square lately. I used to avoid it because it just doesn't have an appeal to me. But then something tragic happened. I found out on facebook about the death of Wink of A Creative Being. Although I don't really follow her blog before or even visited it, but I do see here creations all the time on  Pinterest. So I go and search her blog, my oh my, I was so in regret that I didn't even know her blog before. It got so many beautiful crochet creations the colors are bursting and it made me more sad because she is no longer here so there will be no more crochet creations from her. So, as I scan her blog I stumble upon her Granny Square Cushion Cover. I was inspired and made my own granny square, from then on I love granny square already. So here is my first attempt to make something out of my granny's.

I made four granny squares using Red Heart's Creme dela creme in Cherry blossom. I attached the four squares using Petals to Picots technique in joining squares.  And of course Wink's granny square, I make it bigger by crocheting more rounds, I stop at round seven. And here is the back of my case. I used a different yarn on this and it is also smaller than the creme dela creme.  I can't remember how many rounds was this, I just stop when the measurement was the same with my four squares joined together. 
So I hope you like this case. I always remember Wink when I see this pillow in my bed. I am thankful to her for inspiring me although it is already too late for that. And I am sad that she is not here anymore. She is INDEED A VERY CREATIVE BEING.  One things for sure, even if she is no longer here, I will still be visiting her blog all the time.

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