Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Lavender Chair - Vintage Toddler Dress

I've been wanting to make a post about this beautiful dress that The Lavender Chair has come up, but it is so hard to make good pictures using just my phone when my model is my 3 year old niece. Ah! she is so adorable but I can't even have a descent picture of her. 

I took so many pictures of her, but this is the only few clear enough and that she is facing front. She was so distracted watching Dora. But I can't turn off the TV for it would be more difficult to picture for she would always run around. 

This is my 2nd attempt to make her model this dress. This dress goes to my friend's daughter, this is not actually hers. But she gladly comply to model it, she has one like this also in green.

The color is supposed to be just one color, the one in lilac, but I run out of yarn. And it would take forever to order one. It's really hard to order yarn from where I am. And there is no other way for me to obtain yarns but through online only. And the courier sucks, it would really take me weeks to have my orders.  So I decided to use another color, I actually have to choose a lot but my husband suggested this one. I am not really sure the what color this is, for I just picked it up among my scrap yarns and it doesn't have any label anymore.

I am relieved that it turned out well, and my friend actually like it better this way. 
So go ahead and check out The Lavender Chair's blog and try this one. The pattern is easy to follow but it is not for the beginner. She actually have other dress pattern for toddlers (girls). And just as I scan through her blog today, I think I might do another dress for my niece... it's so adorable and it's easy and fast to make. You can find the pattern here or you can just click on the links in this post.


Nanay Madel

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