Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Free Patterns: Crochet Summer Hat

Summer is surely felt half around the globe. But here in the Philippines summer is all year round. But this month of July we surely experienced the Rainy Season. It rains every day, and when it rains it surely pours. That's not just a metaphor but it is literally raining here all the time this year.

But still, when the sun is up, it sure felt like summer all the time. The internet is full of so many free patterns for crochet. There so many choices to make if you want to start on a project. I compiled some free patterns for a sun hat.

  1. Country Girl by Drops Design  - Head over to Drops design and you will find an endless choice of beautiful project. They never fail to impress me.
  2.  The Beginner Wide Brim Hat by Jenny and Teddy I like the blue Flower and how wide it is. 
  3. Beach day Sun Hat by A Crocheted Simplicity.   This is simply pretty.
  4. Summer Harmony by Drops Design. Again Drops Design offers so many beautiful free pattern.

And my very own version of a Summer Hat

I made this one in 2015. But I did not write down the pattern, so far this is my favorite of all the hat that I've made. I will try to make something like this again and write down the pattern to share for all of you. 

So I hope you all have a wonderful summer. It's wonderful to stay under the sun once in a while just make sure to put on something to protect you from the harmful rays. Don't forget your Sunny Hat and your Sunblock all the time while on the beach.


Nanay Madel

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July 19, 2017

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