Monday, October 9, 2017

The Nicole Earflap Hat

I love the colors of Autumn, although I have never experienced it myself, I love the pictures that I saw. Spring is also one I love, how the flowers bloom and so many different colors. I was wondering if I can make a pumpkin hat, but dismiss the idea of it because I want something that can be worn even if it is not in season.  And so I decided to make this hat, it has an earflap for added warmth during the cold season.

The stitches are simple and it's the first time I used the Front Post Single Crochet. I never know I make post stitches using a Single Crochet. It ended beautifully along with Double Crochet.

If you feel like you want to add more rows or make this hat slouchy, you can do so. Just continue adding the last few rows.

The gauge is 11 DC by 6 rows = 3 inches square. But the gauge is not that important, I guess that what's you usually got when you use a worsted yarn and an I hook.

Materials, Gauge, and Stitches Used with Photo Tutorial are all indicated in the pattern.  The pattern is now available on my Craftsy and Ravelry Store.

I wanted my pictures to look more "Autumny" but it clearly shows that I live in a Tropical Place. Even my dried "sticks" "wood" in the first picture surely shows I am in the tropics. It's a dried coconut steam, haha, I don't have an acorn.

When I took pictures of this hat, some friends of mine decided to join. hehe. That's my son's fingers and some friendly grasshopper.

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That's it, I hope you all learn something and enjoy this post. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions just leave a message in the comment box and I will gladly answer them. Thank you and God bless!


Nanay Madel

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October 9, 2017

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