Thursday, November 2, 2017

FREE CROCHET PATTERNS: Sweaters, Cardigans & Jackets

The chilly winds of winter are starting to blow. It's time for sweaters and jackets to protect us from the cold. And for crocheters like me, it is the time of the year to start making them. Here are some FREE PATTERNS around the internet for you to start making for the winter. Most of them are beginner friendly and are so easy to follow.

  1. The Homebody Sweater by MegMadeWithLove. 

There are so many FREE PATTERNS around the web. You can search on Google, Pinterest, and Youtube. There are so many also for beginners. It makes me wonder the endless possibilities of crochet. You can almost crochet/make anything you want. I am inspired just by looking at these pictures of sweaters and cardigans, I might make my own too.

Hope you enjoy making anyone of this project and don't forget to Tag me on Instagram and Twitter and also like my Page in Facebook, Si Nanay Madel. I would love to see what you've done and Pin it also on Pinterest.

Thank you and God bless!


Nanay Madel

**All pictures from this post is not mine. Credit all to the wonderful and talented crafters.**

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November 2, 2017

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