Monday, September 25, 2017

Billie Hat and Cowl Set

I've been wanting to make a Hat and Cowl set Pattern. This time I was able to do it and was happy with the results. This is my very first set of Hat and Cowl and I hope everyone loves it. This set uses the same stitch pattern. The stitches are simple and easy to do. It's a combination of single crochet and double crochet in a stitch. 

I decided to add some pompom also with the cowl. They are small ones, not as big as in the hat.  The colors are in blue and white. But you can actually change the color if you want. 

To coordinate with the cowl pompoms I made the hat pompom also in blue and white.

How did I make the pompom to look like this? I used a pompom maker and wrap different colors on different sides of the maker.

I'd like to share some behind the scenes photos of the cowl. My youngest was with me while taking some photos of this one. When I first Snapped the photo I said, "I think it needed something with it." And he immediately put his dinosaurs and said that his dinosaurs needed to be there with the cowl. hahaha!

Dinos and Crochet! hahaha what an odd combination. My son who loves dinos also loves crochet actually. He is only 4, but he keeps on nagging me to teach him "crochep"  and also often watch crochet videos on Youtube if he is tired of watching his dinos videos.

It's so hard to teach a 4-year-old boy crochet. Have you tried teaching your younger children to crochet? any tips? I always tell him, I'll teach you more when you are old enough. He cannot even make a chain... poor boy. I think he just interested in it because I am on it. Not because he really wants to do it. We'll see when he is older if he still wants to learn "crochep" As of now he loves his dinos more than my crochet.

Patterns for the Hat and the Cowl will be posted separately this week.  But the pattern for the hat and the cowl will be in one download on my Ravelry later this week also. It will be up for a small amount. It will be in PDF form for easy printing and download. 

So see you later this week for the patterns of this set.

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Nanay Madel

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September 24, 2017

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