Sunday, September 10, 2017

Granny Hat

Yes, it is a Granny Hat. The stitches used in this hat are mostly composed of Granny Stitches. It's an easy stitch and can be used with any type of project.

*Update: I was corrected many times and said that this is not a granny stitch. My bad... Sorry for that. It is  Block Stitches. Thank you for those who noticed and informed me right away. But I will keep the name Granny Hat, since it's been up already. 


  • Red Heart Super Saver in any two colors ( Buff and Coffee)
  • H/5.0 mm Crochet Hook
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
Terms Used

  • CH(s) - Chain(s)
  • ST(s) - Stitch(es)
  • SC - Single Crochet
  • DC - Duble Crochet
*Beginning CH3 will be counted as a stitch in all Rounds of the Hat.



Row 1.  Begin with Chain 11 with color A (buff), SC in the second CH from the hook. SC in each ST until the end. CH 1 and turn. (10 SC)

Row 2-87. SC in each STs (10 SC)

Join both ends by slip stitch both together. Then CH 1, turn to the right side and begin with Round 1 for the body of the Hat.

Body of the Hat

R1. SC in the first stitch and in all stitches around.  Squeeze in SC that is a multiple of 3 in this round. I made 90 SC in this round. Join with a slip stitch in first SC. (90 SC) Change to Color B (coffee)

R2.  CH 3, (count as the first DC). DC in all stitches. Join with a slip stitch on top of  beginning CH 3. (90 DC including the beg. CH3) Change back to Color A

R3.  DO NOT CH 1, SC directly over the beginning CH the previous round. Not ON TOP of CH3, but in between the CH3 and the first DC. Then skip 3 DC, *CH2, SC in between the last DC you've skipped and the next DC*. Repeat until the end. In the end, you'll only have 2 DC left, instead of 3. The beginning CH3 will complete the last 2 DC as a set. Join with a slip stitch in first SC. ( 30 CH2 spaces) Change back to Color B.

R4. CH 3,  3 DC in CH2 Space. 3DC in each CH2 space of previous round. In the last CH2, just do 2 DC. Join with a slip stitch on top of  beginning CH 3. (90 DC including the beg. CH3) Change back to Color A

R5. Repeat R3 but do not change color.

R6. Repeat R4, then change to Color B.

R7. Repeat R3, but do not change color 

Repeat R3 to R7 until Row 20. 

R21. Repeat R3 but with CH1 only in between instead of CH2.

R22. CH3, 1 Dc in each CH1 spaces.  Join with a slip stitch on top of beginning  CH3. 

R23. CH3, DC two together until the end.  Join with a slip stitch on top of beginning. Cut the yarn leaving a long tail.

Close the hat, by running through each stitch using a tapestry needle and the long tail, Cinched the hat tightly. And weave all ends.

Make your pom and add it to your hat.

I made another version. Using another type of yarn and a G hook. This still the same pattern but I add more SC in Round 1 but still in multiples of 3. And this one without a pom pom.

I love the colors on this one, it reminds me of some pumpkin pie. Yummy!

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Nanay Madel

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Thought of the Day

September 10, 2017

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endures for ever. Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he has redeemed. - Ps 107:1


  1. When you state the yarn used, can you also tell us how much yarn we need?

    1. Hi Mary! Thank you for that suggestion. It's actually stated on my Ravelry, but I might as well include that here on my next post. For this Pattern it's about 180-200 yards or 160-190 meters . Thank you again