Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Granny Square Sling Bag

My last post was a tutorial on how to make the Basic Granny Square. Making a Granny Square is easy and quick. I made a total of 8 Granny Squares and made them into a sling bag with tassels.


Terms Used

  • CH(s) - Chain(s)
  • ST(s) - Stitch(es)
  • SC - Single Crochet
  • DC - Double Crochet
  • SL ST - Slip Stitch


If you have no idea how to make the Basic Granny Square, you can head over to my previous post on how to make the Basic Granny Square. It has a photo tutorial so it would be easy for you to follow.

You just have to make 8 Basic Granny Square. All up to 6 rounds of granny stitches. You can choose whatever color you like. With mine, I made 2 solid Blue, 2 solid Cream, 2 striped granny square with the blue in the middle and 2 striped granny square with Cream in the middle. All in all, there were 8 squares.

After I made the squares I proceed with blocking the squares. There are so many options on how to block your squares but I was in a hurry, I just used some skewers and a styrofoam cover of our washing machine! Ha! Yes, I don't have the right materials for blocking a square. Aside from, there are no available blocking materials from where I live I am also too lazy to make my own permanent blocking station. So I just used what is available. But it turned out okay. DIY at it's finest! haha!

 I was even such in a hurry that I joined my squares and forgot about blocking them first. It is way better to block them first before joining, the results are better.

So block them first before joining so that it won't look the above picture. haha.

And I join them together using the Mattress Stitch.  You can search Youtube on how to do it, but I think I will make a tutorial on it soon.  I joined all Blue together and all Cream together. You can mix and match, use your imagination.

Then I used Crab Stitch Or Reverse Single Crochet in forming the bag together. I also Crab Stitch the opening of the bag to give a more finished look.

And added some tassel at the bottom of the bag to give a more hip/boho look. 


R1. CH 11, SC in the second CH from the hook, SC until the end. CH 1 and turn. (10 SC)
R2- Until your desired length.  SC in first CH until the end. (10SC)

Fasten off and sew the sling to the bag. Weave all ends.
The back part doesn't look too bad so I can say it is reversible also.
Here it is worn by my husband. Please don't mind my husband's outfit. hahaha. He just wants to try it also too. So I let him.

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That's it, I hope you all learn something and enjoy this post. If you have any questions, comments or suggestion just leave a message in the comment box and I will gladly answer them. Thank you and God bless!

Nanay Madel

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September 5, 2017

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  1. This is a great bag! I love the mix of colors, and the reversibility! And your husband makes a great model for it ;) I highly suggest lining the bag, and strap, to avoid the inevitable stretching.
    This is one of our most clicked projects from the September Granny Spiration Challenge. It will be featured in this month's link up that will go live this Friday (6th) at midnight EST. Pinned for inspiration too. Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Hi Alexandra. Thank you so much for featuring my bag. You are right, lining this bag is a good option to make it last long. Thank you for that suggestion. I will try to link up again in your blog.