Thursday, September 29, 2016

Flower Wreath

As promised here is my version of a flower wreath.  So far this is the most in demand project I had. It's so cute and looks so nice not just on a little girl's head but also for grown ups.   For this toturial I am using a worseted yarn, but the actual wreath is made of crochet thread like that of Aunt Lydia's. I am making this pattern as if I am using a crochet thread. 

But the pictures you will see is of a worseted yarn. I was having a hard time taking pictures of those so little thread. So I made this tutorial with a bigger yarn for better visual. So here's the pattern:

  • Yarn - For this tutorial I made it with a worsted yarn.  But for the actual wreath it is made of crochet thread like the one of Aunt Lydia's.
  • Crochet hook - 1.5mm. But for this tutorial it is a G/4.0mm
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle

Stitches Used:
  •  st(s) - stitch(es)
  • ch - chain
  • sc- single crochet
  • dc - double crochet
  • sl  st - slip stitch

Chain 20. Sl st in the first chain to creat a loop. 

This loop will serve as our adjuster.  Then ch20 again, plus ch 5. Sl st in the 6th chain from the hook. 

 Then Make 12 sc into that small loop.

 Sl st in the first st. *Chain 2, skip 1, sc in the next st. * Repeat this process until you will have 6 small loops around. 

Sl st in first st. *Sl st into the loop, ch 1,  5dc, ch 1 and sl st back into the loop. * Repeat this process again on all 6 small loops, this will be the first set of petals for our flower.

Then ch 1, and insert your hook in between the first and the last petal. Like this one.
And make a sl st, then ch 4 and sl st again to the next in between the petals.
Make the all around and you will end up again with 6 small loops, a little bigger than the previous one. This is where we are going to make our second set of petals for the flower again.  

Then sl st in the loop, ch 1, dc 7 into the loop, ch 1 and sl st back into the loop.

Make the petals around until you will have 6 a little bit bigger petals on the second row of your flowers.
This is how your flower will look like. Then ch 1 and sl st on any st you can find at the back of your flower just to add up some height just before you continue to work on your next flower again.

The after that. Repeat all the process once again until you reached the desired length  of your flower wreath. 
This is how it looks like with crochet thread.

And now for the leaves. You will just have to chain whatever length you like and attached your chain to the flower wreath and make some small leaves. For the leaves I only chain 5, sc in 2nd st from the hook, hdc next, hdc again in next and sc in the last chain, then sl st back to the "stem"  of your wreath... You can just place the leaves anywhere and chain whatever you like, for this flower, in every chain 12 I make a leaf.

That's me modeling the wreath. Excuse my gray hairs.. hehehe.

So that's it. I hope you all learn something and enjoy this post. If you have any questions, comments or suggestion just leave a message on the comment box and I will gladly answer them. Thank you and God bless!


Nanay Madel

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September 29, 2016

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