Monday, September 5, 2016

10 Free Pattern : Children's Crocheted Hat

I like crocheted hat, and I always make them for my kids. There are so many free pattern around the web!  So many adorable and easy patterns. Here are some of my favorite ones:
  1. Crochet Monster Hat - By Sarah of Repeat Crafter me. She makes adorable hats, and you might notice that most of the hats in here are from her. She makes so many and all of them are so adorable and easy to make.
  2. Crochet Little Pony Hat - By The Friendly Red Fox. I like this because its so colorful. I've been looking for a unicorn hat but could not find one that is free. This is the closest to a unicorn.
  3. Crochet Picachu Hat  - And why not? even if I don't play Pokemon Go! I have to post this because Picachu is just too cute. He is the only Pokemon I know. And I found this one at Ravelry.
  4. Crochet Nemo and Dory Hat - This one is really cute. My kids love this because they love Nemo so much. This crocheter also used Sarah's Pattern as a based for her hat.
  5. Crochet Toddler Mouse Hat - By Jenni Designs. It's so adorable and so cute. So easy to make, a mouse never looked this adorable.
  6. Crochet Owl Hat Pattern - All Sizes - By Sarah again. This is her famous Owl hat! You can see this everywhere and it has been a favorite by so many. My sister once asked what it is with owl and crocheters? I don't know, they are just so adorable.
  7. Sesame Street Elmo Inspired Hat - By Olivia of Hopeful Honey! Olivia and Sarah are the winners when it comes to inspired hat! They make so many adorable hats! I like the way they make the hats because the details are so emphasized and the colors are so vibrant.
  8. Crochet LadyBug Hat - By Sarah again. This one look so nice on a baby girl. And you can make this along with Red Heart Lady Bug Backpack. Your little lady will absolutely bee so cute and I know she will surely love this one.
  9. Mickey Mouse Inspired Hat - By Olivia again. There are so many Mickey/Minnie Mouse hat everywhere and most of them are for free. But I love this version of Olivia because the details are so emphasized. The ears so big and round, just like Mickey Mouse himself.
  10. Crochet Cookie Monster Hat - And last but not the least by Sarah again. This Cookie Monster Hat is spot on! Because of the type of yarn she is using , it looks really like Cookie Monster!. It's adorable even a not-so-toddler anymore can wear this one.

There are still so many adorable hats around the web, that they no longer fit in one post. These are just some of my favorites. One hat in particular is no longer available. I could not find it anymore is Sarah's blog. It is probably my most favorite because IT IS the most favorite of my kids. But it's no longer there. It is the Minion Hat. I still have the picture but not the pattern anymore.

But if you still want more, go check and Just search for hats,these two ladies have the most adorable hats and most of them are for free. You can have almost anything you want for your little one.

So that's it. I hope you all learn something and enjoy this post. If you have any questions, comments or suggestion just leave a message on the comment box and I will gladly answer them. Thank you and God bless!


Nanay Madel

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